We are an Elsewhere venue, which puts us in a very unique position as Elsewhere is behind many venues and has a big external events business.

Our customers range from amazing wedding couples to corporates for glamping trips and conferences. We also have a big Christmas business with a venue just off The Strand in London.

At The Chateau we work with you all the way through to deliver a very special day, taking you and your guests on a journey through The Chateau over the course of the day.

You’ll be able to find lots and lots of information about The Chateau on this website but we thought it would be good to talk a little more about what we do outside of The Chateau. We’re a creative firm and we are always looking for new and looking to create surprises.

Here’s a great example of an event we ran last week in the UK. It keeps our firm really open minded to ideas and it keeps us always on the look out to improve.

A recent video : A Secret Garden Party in Hertfordshire

Getting better everyday is a real ambition for us. We think if we keep doing that we’ll stay ahead of the pack and keep delivering something extraordinary for our clients. Service is very important to us and you will often hear us say that the extra-mile comes as standard. We are here to look after all of your guests - everyone is on our watch.

We think standing out is important- it’s what gets remembered by your guests and what stands the test of time.

Life's too short for ordinary and that’s why we created Elsewhere.

Learn more about Elsewhere here: www.elsewhere-events.com