The Chateau Dining Experience

Choose from our food options as much or as little as you need. Self-cater or let us look after you all the way through - it's all up to you. 

One thing is for sure - we don’t like normal. Dining at the Chateau is as much about the food as it is the experience and setting.

Our group Executive Chef, Theo Michaels, can take you on a journey through The Chateau with a dining philosophy built around 'big tables' - steering clear of formal cliché set meals and opting instead for decadent dinners that just flow.

We like to purchase produce daily to ensure freshness, encourage seasonal ingredients and ultimately capitalise on the region of France we are in, albeit we enjoy fusing those ingredients with other cuisines.



Breakfast at the Chateau sets the tone of your stay, immersing you within the Chateau environment, waking up to the centre-piece dining table laden with everything you need to start your day.

Beautiful morning food; freshly baked croissants, fresh fruits, yogurts, granolas, oozing honey, sometimes with the scent of lavender, local sausages, eggs made to order, coffees, teas, juices.

And few surprises along the way..



Eat like the French.

Fresh baguettes, beautiful charcuterie, grapes, cheeses, olives, fruits, nuts, pâtés, salads a bottle of red..

The perfect interlude to your day.



Evenings are special, the sun is setting, your day is done. It is now time to relax, indulge, and graze for as long as you want.

Food is not a function at the Chateau, it is part of the tapestry of your stay and weaves subtly through your day. Evening meals are the way eating in a Chateau should be. 

We'll work with you to understand your tastes, preferences and special dietary requirements before you arrive so when you dine with us there is no ‘menu’. Evening meals are laid out across large tables with food inspired from the local region to further afield. Sometimes cooked over coals and dined outside, sometimes candle-lit inside, but always fun and delicious.