Sitting between Alès, Nimes and Avignon, lies The Chateau's beautiful neighbouring market town of Uzès. Standing at just a five minute drive away from The Chateau, nearly all of our guests spend some time here.

The beautiful Medieval town is a maze of small streets and shaded squares lined with 17th and 18th century private mansions. We couldn't resist taking some shots when we were in town last week on the run up to one of our weddings. Uzès is a stunning place and we always get drawn into the town square for a glass of something chilled (normally Viognier!)

Under the arcades of the Place aux Herbes and along the neighbouring streets a market takes place here every Saturday. You will find a profusion of regional products, in the warm and colourful atmosphere of Provencal markets. Not surprisingly our Executive Chef Theo loves it here and we source a lot of our ingredients in Uzès.

There is a medieval garden containing over 400 varieties of edible and culinary, ornamental and medicinal plants that illustrate their importance in everyday life in the Middle Ages. There, you can admire works of contemporary art (there are some wonderful galleries here too) and climb the 100 steps of the King's Tower to enjoy striking views over Uzès. 

Enjoy the slides (thank you Rad for taking them) and we hope you get a chance to visit. 

Chateau-life is one of our favourite things. Life's too short for ordinary.